SIRxpert, the clinical microbiology software solution

SIRxpert™ is an IT platform for the management and analysis of all data and results from the clinical microbiology laboratory.

Productivity and simplicity – The SIRxpertTM middleware will allow you to centralize your manual results and those from all your bacteriology controllers in a single database thanks to its many interfaces.

It perfectly fits the laboratory environment with its bidirectional connection to your hospital laboratory management, administrative and medical management systems. i2a developed SIRxpertTM in full Windows client/server architecture which is internet/intranet compatible.

The ultra-customizable SIRxpert™ middleware allows you to optimize laboratory flows while helping you to meet regulatory traceability requirements and consolidate your results.

Expert system – A decision support module based on official recommendations (CA-SFM, EUCAST, CLSI) is used for interpretive reading and validation of AST results. This expert system has the ability to detect antimicrobial resistance in particular. Each microbiologist can add their own decision rules in order to determine the best antibiotic treatment for patients and their pathologies.


  • Results centralized in a single database
  • Open and universal expert system for coherence checks, interpretive reading, and result configuration, with regular updates according to official recommendations and developments in bacteriology
  • Internal quality control result management with follow-up
  • Effective anteriority management with automatic alarms if the same germ is found on the same patient
  • Open system delivered with a “ready to use” standard database that can be modified to user needs


  • Multi-station, multi-laboratory management of MALDI TOF mass spectrometry identification projects
  • Automatic analysis of results from the automated system
  • Inclusion of mass spectrometry bacterial identification in the laboratory routine
  • (linking with the AST, expertise, connection with the LIMS)


Duplicate management

  • as per the latest ONERBA recommendations
  • simultaneous automatic management of several duplicates criteria
  • configurable definition of each of the duplicates criteria, with the notion of stay in particular
  • automatic or manual marking
  • editing and correction of controls

Managing sorted lists

  • definition of configurable sorted lists
    (headers, general information, antibiotics, etc.)
  • calculations and print-outs
    (print-out, screen display, etc.)

Statistics management

  • statistics on negative specimens (positivity rate, distribution with or without positives, etc.)
  • SIR resistance statistics
  • identification statistics
  • diameter statistics
  • MIC statistics

Management and monitoring of resistance phenotypes

  • definition of resistance phenotypes
  • automatic marking rules
  • printing of configurable sorted lists

Multi-resistant germ monitoring

  • configurable definition of multi-resistant germs
  • printing of personalized letters
  • printing of configurable summary sorted lists

Ratio management

Ratios: statistics (ecology, antimicrobial resistance (AMR), multi-resistant bacteria) converted to configurable denominators:

  • number of patients/day,
  • number of admissions, etc.

Alert Module

Automatic epidemic monitoring assistance

  • User-defined rules for monitoring results
  • SIRxpert issues alerts according to those rules
  • Ecology, antimicrobial resistance and nosocomial infections are alerts
  • Definition of alerts according to a frequency or a number, according to an increased frequency or number
  • Possibility to combine the different parameters in alerts
  • Access files with just one click

Module de Classification

Automatic assistance in detecting the propagation of epidemic strains

  • Detection based on analysis of the strain read and those of the same type previously isolated
  • Analyses from inhibition diameters read by the SIRscan
    (analyses using Euclidean distances and aggregation using a mathematical method: UPGMA, single linkage, etc.)
  • Real-time alarm sent to the Health Department if a particular strain starts to spread
    (just a few minutes after the AST has been read)

SIH Interface Module

Used to retrieve data from the hospital information system

  • Patient data, patient movements
  • Automatic monitoring of patients who are carriers of multi-resistant germs
  • Generation of an automatic email alert to the departments concerned when these patients are moved

SIL Connection

Connection and two-way exchanges between SIRxpert and the LIS

  • Multi-LIS connection possible
  • Connection of the entire bacteriology lab bench

Multi-user license

“Site” license with no limits to the number of workstations

Allows our software to be used on several workstations simultaneously

Possibility of installing workstations:

  • in the laboratory
    (lab bench, biologists’ office),
  • in Clinical Departments
    (consultation of analysis results and epidemiology studies, etc.),
  • in Health Departments
    (data processing),
  • in pharmacies
    (consultation of results, entry of prescribed antibiotics, etc.)
  • in MIDs, etc.