Inoculum standardization from a single colony.

  • Disposable system used to inoculate bacteria for a reproducible AST.
  • Quick and easy.
  • INOCLIC is recommended for the inoculation of agar media or tubed maintenance media, or the suspension of bacteria in a liquid medium.
  • INOCLIC can be used to launch identification by mass spectrometry and AST on agar media using the same agar plate.


  • Rapid MHR-SIR media specific to SIRscan readers make it possible to get AST results within 6 to 8 hours for most fast-growing bacteria.
  • Reading on the SIRscan ORION automated system is continuous every 1/2 hour until the final result is obtained.
  • In cases of weak growth or specific results, a reading after 18 hours is recommended (carried out automatically on the SIRscan ORION).


For the detection of Staphylococcus aureus with reduced sensitivity to glycopeptides

  • The resistance of staphylococcus aureus to glycopeptides is becoming a major public health challenge.
  • No routine methods detect these bacteria reliably. This is why i2a has developed the MH-GiS medium which is used to detect these germs using a simple, standardised, reliable, and cost-effective method.

SIRscan Discs

  • Antibiotic diagnosis and identification discs
  • A wide range of molecules, including the most recent
  • Discs approved by EUCAST, SFM, etc.
  • High print quality for automatic symbol reading on the SIRscan
  • 2 packagings adapted to laboratory consumption volumes:
    1×50 or 5×50
  • Easier handling using the disc dispensers for round or square plates

Identification disks for a fast identification diagnosis, in addition to or as confirmation of identification galleries.

SIRscan Swabs

  • Individually wrapped swab
  • Packed in boxes of 100 SIRscan Swabs
  • Guarantees standardised swabbing as per the EUCAST, CLSI, and CA-SFM standards
  • Limits contamination risks. Easier waste management
  • High-quality materials used to guarantee optimum plate streaking

SIRscan Tubes

  • Ready-to-use 0.7 ml physiological water tubes
  • Packed in boxes of 50 SIRscan Tubes
  • Optimum use combined with Inoclic and SIRscan Swabs