i2a, a microbiology expert company

With its SIRscan product line, i2a is the leader on the French hospital market for AST readers and is the first company in the world to design a fully automated plate reader system: the SIRscan2000 Automatic. The software combines many features, user-friendliness, and performance. The company is also at the cutting edge of innovation for reagents, with the first MHR-SIR agar medium delivering same-day results, a range of high-performance antibiotic discs and diagnosis reagents, and Inoclic, an inoculum standardisation system.

Today, i2a’s lead over the competition enables us to expand our range of in vitro expertise systems, designing new instruments, software, and reagents and anticipating the needs of both our customers and medical research itself, in France, Europe and worldwide, …

… making the future today’s reality!